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Exclusive 13-Part 2022 Tundra Video Series to Reveal Key Details Sunday Night

Find out where and when to learn major 2022 Toyota Tundra specifications this Sunday night.

Join us...    

Toyota is finally giving us what we have been waiting for. Tomorrow night, Sunday the 19th of September, at 9pm EST.

We will finally learn all about the third-generation 2022 Toyota Tundra.

2022 Toyota Tundra Specifications

2022 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro white profile front end

Just like most Toyota and Tundra fans, I have been awaiting this complete redesign for weeks. For months. For years. We all have.

This Sunday night will reveal what we have been wanting.

Details and specifications on all-new 2022 Tundra.

I have been working extra hard for you behind the scenes. Preparing a complete library of 2022 Toyota Tundra videos for you.

2022 Tundra Details

I encourage you to watch my YouTube channel, “ToyotaJeff Reviews”, on Sunday night the 19th at 9pm EST.

I have prepared an exclusive 13-part video series called “JEFFLIX: A 2022 Tundra Story”. You should find all the information about 2022 Toyota Tundra you have been hoping to learn. Due to confidentiality agreements, I cannot share details until Sunday night.

This is a risky move on my part because most YouTube content creators release their videos one at a time. But I just could not wait. You must be able to see everything at once.

For me, I am so excited for you to learn all about new Toyota Tundra in a unique way. You will be able to binge watch the entire series at once on my channel

Toyota will also be debuting the Tundra 2022 at 9pm as well. Due to this, my series on next-gen Tundra will debut all at once right at 9.

Toyota Tundra Teasers

Toyota FJ45

Toyota teased us with their final pictures and videos this weekend. They showed us the return of an orange-colored Toyota Tundra. Talk about making a statement.

Toyota also gave us some pictures of former legendary Toyota trucks, stating “a nod to our past before we reveal the future. See you tomorrow.”

The nostalgia effect alone from seeing these models gave me chills.

Time for Your Toyota Tundra Comments

Normally I say “see you next story” to end my stories.

I hope you decide to join me at “ToyotaJeff Reviews” YouTube channel Sunday night at 9pm.

My goal was to create a video series that will answer your questions, give you the information you have been asking for, and to entertain you in the process.

I am quite sure you will be pleased.

This is going to be great. See you next story when I reveal all 11 colors for 2022 Tundra.

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