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Zero Motorcycles announces 2012 line with 100 mile range, lifetime battery

Zero Motorcycles has announced the 2012 model line including a new powertrain, models capable of over100 miles on a charge, a lifetime battery pack and top speeds of up to 88 mph. Sharp looking and quiet, every model has been reworked to be faster, go further and be more fun than ever before in the two-wheel tradition.
Posted: November 9, 2011 - 7:05PM
Author: Don Bain

Showing progress at an exceptional pace, Zero Motorcycles will begin delivery of its complete 2012 model line next February. This will be first time in history a mass production electric motorcycle with a range over 100 miles will be available to consumers.

Zero's new Z-Force power pack uses a completely new battery chemistry and configuration up to 95 percents more energy dense. It is projected to receive up to 3,000 complete charge cycles before hitting 80% capacity, meaning a Zero S could travel as far as 308,000 miles on its original battery pack. All Zero's on and off-road motorcycles take advantage of new technology to exceed the expected longevity of any conventional motorcycle. The result is an electric motorcycle line offering riders an exhilarating way to save gas with virtually no powertrain maintenance.

"The 2012 model line is truly game changing. It marks the first time in history that riders can actually own an electric motorcycle that is capable of exceeding 100 miles of range on a single charge," said Scot Harden, VP of Global Marketing of Zero Motorcycles. "Every model in the lineup goes faster, further and is more fun than ever before. These are not concepts. In less than three months, riders can see and purchase 2012 models at authorized Zero Motorcycles dealers."

The Zero S street bike, and the Zero DS dual sport are available in a 6 or 9 kWh configuration, capable of respectively achieving 76 or 114 miles per charge.

The top speed of the Zero DS is 80 mph and the Zero S tops out at 88 mph. both offering a broad torque band and wicked acceleration from 0 rpm making them great fun to ride.

In addition, all the street models feature new brushless motors and regenerative braking allowing the cycles to recoup energy during deceleration. The Zero XU, designed for inner city riding, now uses the same maintenance-free belt drive system as the Zero S and Zero DS.

Brushless air-cooled motors, life of motorcycle power packs and belt drive systems make Zero's lineup of street models among the world's easiest to own and maintain mode of transportation.

Yes we’re talking less maintenance than a skateboard.

If your passions run off-road, imagine the possibilities of a nearly silent dirt bike, Zero has two models faster than ever before just for you. This year Zero is streamlining its off-road line. The Zero X, originally designed for trail riding, is now available with lights and is street-legal. With 33 percent more power and range increased by 75 percent, it uses the same championship winning powertrain as the Zero MX. Built exclusively for motocross and off-road riding, the Zero MX also has more power offering the ability to accelerate harder and achieve higher top speeds. Both off-road models have a new design that speaks to their aggressive and longer lasting powertrain.

Base price ranges from $7,995 for the Zero XU to $13,995 for the top of the line Zero S. This price does not include local shipping, applicable taxes, PDI, or road registration fees.

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