U.S. Economy depends upon price of gas, tourism dollars

Traditionally Americans spend their summers getting out and about their local areas as well as the whole country for various leisure activities and sports. Obviously, if the price of gas doesn’t drop, many people and their money will be stuck at home. All of these summer pastimes fuel the economy – the lack of them could drag it back down.

It’s not surprising lower gas prices are great for business. Higher fuel costs take away from money to spend on clothes, local arts, entertainment, sports and travel. Obviously, what’s bad for business does little good for employment rates.

Whether you travel, go to sporting events or just work on the old homestead, it all supports a robust economy. All those trips, to events, activities or shops both near and far, take fuel and the more it costs the less Americans do those things.

The more active set is involved in both indoor and outdoor sports and even those take fuel to get you to the site, the arena or the great outdoors to indulge your passion. Even bicyclists and hikers use gas to get where they want to be – how often do you see a mountain bike atop a car? How many trucks pulling boats or camping gear do you see on the road? How many trailers carrying dirt bikes or ATVs are on our highways?

The more of those you see the better the economy is doing – it’s really quite simple.
The increase in high mileage vehicle sales is helping to insure Americans continue to enjoy their pastimes.

The growing markets for fuel in India and China are a force buoying the price of crude oil.

So when you get stuck behind one of those big land yachts pulling a Jeep, or a trailer full of big boy’s toys, on a two-lane blacktop remember it’s a good thing – it means the economy is picking up. The more people you see indulging those traditional proclivities, the better everything will be.

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