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Toyota suspends production to honor tsunami victims, place safety first

Though no employees at Toyota’s production plants in Japan were caught in this weekend earthquake and tsunami, the Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) will close all plants Monday, March 14 in honor of the people of Japan, their colleagues and families.
Posted: March 14, 2011 - 3:55AM
Author: Don Bain

A company-wide emergency task force TMC has been established to continually assess the situation at their affected plants and take any necessary measures.

No injuries have been reported at Toyota operations, including the corporate headquarters in Tokyo, the Higashifuji facility, Tochigi office, Yamanashi office, Toyota Motor Tohoku facilities or subsidiary vehicle manufacturers.

While most TMC facilities resumed production March 11, four specific plants that produce subsidiary parts plants and vehicles have not yet returned to operation. They include the Toyota Motor Plants in Hokkaido and Tohoku; the Central Motor Corporation that fabricates Yaris models in Miyagi; as well as the producers of the Scion xB and xD, the Kanto Auto Works in Iwate.

Employees of those facilities were evacuate to secure areas.

The company is currently surveying damage in those plants and taking inventory of their suppliers and dealers, while quantifying the impact on vehicles imported to North America.
To insure the safety at all their manufacturing sites, TMC will cease production at all facilities today.

Toyota’s prime directive is to support their team members, associated companies, suppliers and dealers through this tragic aftermath. The company is donating 300 million yen (approximately $3.75 million) for relief and recovery in the communities affected by the earthquake and will consider the provision of goods and services as needed.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the people of Tohoku and the surrounding areas devastated by the recent natural cataclysm.