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More cars have glass roofs as fewer corporations have glass ceilings

Have you noticed the ascension of women lately? There are now more women drivers on the road than men, 20 female senators in the US Congress and an ever increasing number in top management positions at auto manufacturers like Toyota who just named Nancy Fein as Group Vice President of Customer Service.
Posted: December 6, 2012 - 2:30AM
Author: Don Bain

In general, women still do not receive equal compensation for equivalent performance as men and this is likely to come up repeatedly in the new US Senate until that reality changes.

Nevertheless, it would be scandalous to discover this happening in the auto industry where women have made such significant inroads over the last 40 years.

Nancy Fein’s ascension through the ranks of Toyota has spanned more than 20 years, earning her this promotion as a result of a recent realignment of functions, as part of Toyota’s Customer First Initiative.

From her start in 1982, Nancy has held numerous upper management positions encompassing Vice President of Vehicle Supply Chain and Customer Relations for Toyota; Vice President for Lexus Customer Service; General Manager for the Kansas City Region, Corporate Manager & Assistant General Manager in Los Angeles; Corporate Manager of Customer Service Operations, Corporate Manager for New Era Business Systems.

In addition to those positions, Fein was also National Retail Development Manager, National Parts Supply Manager, National Service Planning and Operations Manager and Warranty Manager and Service Administrator.

Doesn’t just reading that list of responsible placements make you weary? Obviously, she has worked ardently and with great devotion to achieve this position within the firm and the world has taken notice.

Nancy was selected as one of the 100 Leading Women in the Automotive Industry by Automotive News in 2005, which was followed by naming her an Automotive All-Star in 2006.

She will report to Bill Fay, Group Vice President & GM - Toyota Division. If we remember the corporate structure correctly, he reports to the personable Grand Poohbah himself, namely Jim Lentz.

That is a lofty position, but one Torque News hopes she climbs beyond before long.

Meanwhile, Bob Waltz has been promoted to Group Vice President for Product Quality and Service Support. Bob will provide incisive leadership to meet the increased demand to Customer Quality Assurance, Quality Compliance, and Service Support Training & Technology functions.

Waltz is moving up from his position as Vice President of Product Quality and Service Support.

In his 16 years with the brand, Waltz has fulfilled an impressive variety of management positions including Vice President of Sales Satisfaction; Dealer Operations, CSG; Service Operations, CSD; plus Vice President and General Manager in the Cincinnati Region. Further, he has served as Vice President, Corporate Manager of Field Operations; Corporate Manager for Lexus Customer Service; Regional Service Operations Manager; plus Field Operations Manager and Regional Customer Relations Manager for the Cincinnati Region.

Bob spent 15 years learning the ropes in the retail automotive business, prior to joining Toyota.

In addition to Customer Quality Assurance, Waltz will oversee Quality Compliance and Service Support Training & Technology functions.
In his new position, he will continue reporting to Fletcher Davidson, Group Vice President for Product Support.

The competition for positions like these has become rather intense in the world of today. It will get even more so as competent women like Nancy Fein go head to head with other contenders for positions like the one she just won.

If you're young, get as much schooling as you can - in the world of tomorrow you will probably need it.