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My brother tells a story of mountain driving, black ice and taking an old Saab airborne – he credits the car for saving his life unscathed. Thats the kind of story you post on and then share on Facebook and Twitter.
Posted: February 22, 2011 - 12:26PM
Author: Don Bain

The new social media site comes from Experian Automotive, well known for their automobile record, credit and dealer services. In fact, new members receive a free AutoCheck Report outlining the history of their current vehicle.

“Everyone has a car story to share. Maybe it's about the first car you ever bought, the car you drove in college or the new convertible in your garage,“ said Scott Waldron, president of Experian Automotive. ”Now with, people have a community where they can share stories about the cars they have loved with other car enthusiasts.” is free to join and allows members to create a vehicular history of their life. They can even track down that cherished ’57 Chevy, ‘68 Mustang, ’79 Volvo or ’90 Camry or ‘00 Hyundai they grew up with through a feature called Where in the World is My Old Ride?

“Car shoppers use our AutoCheck® vehicle history reports to help them confidently understand, compare and select the right vehicle,” Waldron added. “By leveraging the information within AutoCheck, we are uniquely positioned to offer a fun and engaging way for people to interact and share stories about their own personal vehicle history.”

On the other hand if you buy a used or classic car you can find out where it’s been as well – at least to a certain extent. Post it online and you may hear from a former owner with entertaining tales of their adventures in what is now your ride.

Native Americans will tell you that to know where you are going you must know from whence you came. Could it helps to know where your car came from too?

Experian Automotive is betting on it.