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Carfax for Dealers app now available to Android smartphones

On the heels of the Carfax app for dealers release for Apple iPhone and other devices last January, the Android app is now available so those who shop auctions have this invaluable resource at their side. With most Android-based mobile devices, dealers can access their Carfax account anytime and anywhere to enhance their evaluations of used cars.
Posted: March 24, 2011 - 4:18PM
Author: Don Bain

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This is a good thing not only for dealers but used car comsumers as well, as it allows the dealer to provide a better product and pedigree for the vehicles they sell.

"I made sure to download the app the day it came out and started using it right away," said Marc Schumacher, director of used vehicle acquisitions for Jim Koons Automotive Companies in Vienna, Va. "If I'm not online, I'm usually at the auction and need quick and handy access to Carfax. I won't buy any car unless I've got the Carfax. The 'Carfax for Dealers' app instantly puts the information I need to make an informed buying decision right in front of me. I'll be using it constantly."

First available in 1986, Carfax vehicle history reports have become an intrinsic element in the automotive sales equation. The reseller will simply enter the VIN or barcode of the car they’re considering and the report will come up instantly.

The app stores the reports at the dealers inventory manager at for up to 30 days and allows the fact sheets to be saved to a favorites folder for future reference.

"We don't put any cars on our lot without checking Carfax first," said Mike Foote, general manager at Lia Honda of Albany, NY. "When you're the highest bidder at auction, you want to know you're buying with confidence and the Carfax app gives us that. Our trade appraisal process is also more efficient, eliminating the need to run back and forth while customers sit and wait. It's everything right at your fingertips."

An estimated 30 percent of smartphone users work with Android-based personal electronics. Dealers can download the 'Carfax for Dealers' app free.

"I just got an Android phone yesterday and the 'Carfax for Dealers' app was the first thing I downloaded onto it," said Chris Stellakis, owner of CJ's Car America in Bridgeport, NY. "We rely on Carfax Reports as part of our used car operations, which makes this app a must-have for us. As an independent dealer, now we'll be even more confident we're putting our customers in a quality used car."

iPhone and other Apple device users can still download the 'Carfax for Dealers' app, too.

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