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The Cadillac ELR heralds end of non-LED exteriors

When the revolutionary Cadillac ELR is released this winter, it will be the first electric vehicle to feature an all-LED exterior lighting system.
Posted: July 13, 2013 - 7:44PM
Author: Don Bain

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As the first true competitor to the Tesla S, the Cadillac ELR has front LED headlamps that do double duty as daytime running lights as well. The lighting clusters extend from the sculpted bumper up over the fenders, creating a distinctive appearance.

In the rear of the ELR vertical taillights channel classic Cadillac style in keeping with the Converj concept, on which the new Caddie is based.

“LED lights last much longer and use less energy than traditional halogen bulbs used in most vehicles,” said Martin Davis, exterior lead designer. “Beyond the beautiful design interpretation, using LED lights fits with the ELR’s environmentally friendly character.”

Of course, LED lighting is a small part of what the Cadillac ELR will bring to the table early next year. It has an array of innovative technology and is slated for pricing in the $60K range, eligible for current tax credits as long as they remain available.

While Tesla still struggles with getting their production numbers up, the firm will have to do something to compete with the might of GM, should demand for the ELR manifest.

Chances are if GM gets 50,000 orders for the luxury EV, the automaker has the wherewithal to get them built.

Don’t look now, Elon Musk, but very soon there’s going to be a new kid on the block, looking for fresh bragging rights.

When Chevrolet set out to build the Volt, they succeeded in building an electric Chevrolet. Taking what GM's sister company learned, we have every right to expect the ELR to be a truly electric and more informed effort applied to creating an electric Cadillac.

Cadillac has been producing fine luxury vehicles with cutting edge technology for 111 years, having begun their long history the year of the first New York Auto Show in 1902.

That’s a lot of expertise and experience going into creating this revolutionary new vehicle. We think it will be readily apparent from the start.

We can hardly wait to get our hands on one – how about you?

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