The 2012 BMW M5 from the Denver Auto Show. Photo © 2012 by Don Bain

BMW introduces the onboard automotive stenographer within ConnectedDrive

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BMW has long been a leader in automotive connectivity and now their updated navigation and telematics system can record short texts, emails and notes to self, behind the wheel safely via voice command.

In the dark and distant past, that’s exactly what a stenographer did for busy executives. Now even the blue-collar worker (with a new BMW, that is) can have such service at their beck and call in the dashboard of their new vehicle.

BMW ConnectedDrive is world renowned for state-of-the-art car concepts enhancing the driving experience. The new level of functional display marks another milestone in the development of the system, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to leadership in the telematics field.

The next generation BMW Navigation system.
In 1994, BMW released the first vehicles with a built-in navigation system in the BMW 7 Series, first appearing in the US during 1997. The next generation of BMW’s Navigation system sports fresh design features plus greatly enhanced controls.

The new BMW ConnectedDrive system will first show up in models coming to the US this fall, including the BMW 5 Series, 7 Series, as well as the BMW ActiveHybrid 3, with other models to follow.

Remarkably, individual menus are arranged in virtual three-dimensional formats with calculations performed in an instant. Providing not only easier scrolling and browsing, the system features a 1.3 GHz processor with a dedicated 3D graphics, also offering top-quality animation with quick screen refresh to improve the whole experience.

While the proven menu navigation of the previous system has been retained, new functions are added to enhance the system’s capabilities. For example, a new kind of layering and graphic display has been added so when sub-menus are selected, they are arranged on the right, while the former selections are ghosted, but still visible in the background on the left. Tactile feedback is accompanied by visual confirmation, allowing a clear view of the current position within the menu structure on display.

At the same time the navigation itself has been upgraded, though destinations are still entered via country, city and street, the chosen site is simultaneously displayed via map view in the split screen. If necessary, the driver can use a zoom function to change the section of map shown and make sure the correct destination has been entered.


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