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Auto dealer's video inventories linked to Facebook users

Liquidus, a multimedia and video marketing firm, announced the launch of its new Socialink Facebook application yesterday, enabling car dealers to provide customers a video of every vehicle in inventory to the multitudes of Facebook users.
Posted: July 27, 2011 - 8:58PM
Author: Don Bain

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Taking advantage of more than 750 million active users of the social media site, Socialink provides an interactive, multimedia marketing opportunity for car dealerships looking to tap into a larger audience. The link utilizes Liquidus' turnkey video production platform, so dealers can use it to provide a personalized shopping description of every vehicle on the lot.
"Everyone knows that Facebook is the social media powerhouse, delivering a massive audience of consumers that no other media can touch," said Todd Holmes, president and CEO/founder of Liquidus. "Socialink lets car dealers tap into this market by extending the vehicle video browsing experience that has helped make dealership websites so popular in recent years. Not only does Socialink echo this experience, it also capitalizes on the social media phenomenon by enabling users to share their vehicle 'Likes' with friends."

The site allows custom voiceover narration and graphic overlays, as well as providing comprehensive vehicle details, CARFAX reporting, lead generation tools, dealership maps and a list of related vehicles. A Contact Dealer function makes it easy for consumers to connect immediately and setup a test drive. For search purposes, users can filter dealer inventory by make and then sort by price, year or mileage to find the ride they want and can afford.

Dealerships like the potential for stronger consumer involvement and comprehensive reporting tools measuring this interaction. It is, reportedly, the only Facebook application of its kind utilizing real-time video technology, to ensure content is up-to-date.

"The Socialink Facebook Application is DealerActive's go-to application for displaying the dealership's inventory on Facebook," said Liz Coudriet, director of production at DealerActive, a Socialink reseller that currently has 2 dealerships using the application – Keith Hawthorne Ford of Charlotte and Belmont, N.C. "Socialink combines real-time inventory marketing with the social component to deliver a one-of-a-kind user experience for dealerships looking to get on board with the social trend," Holmes said.

An updated version of the product will become available later this summer with iOS support for viewing on iPads and iPhones, including a polling application to allow interactive voting from friends to gather feedback on possible vehicle purchases.

Socialink is sold to automotive dealers through Liquidus resellers such as Dealer Active, with complementary technologies Videolink and Bannerlink available through Digital Motorworks, Inc. and Comcast Spotlight, respectively. Interested dealers should click here for more information about Socialink.

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