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Audi USA sales jump 21.5% in August

In eight short months, Audi has sold more cars in the USA during 2013 than the entire year of 2010; with a 21.5 percent jump this August alone, year over year.
Posted: September 4, 2013 - 3:09PM
Author: Don Bain

Audi has sold over 100,000 cars in the US thus far this year with 14,005 off the sales lots last month. This total exceeded sales last August, which was also a record sales year for the luxury line.

“Audi needed just eight months to top 100,000 U.S. sales, a level that required a full year as recently as 2010,” said Mark Del Rosso, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Audi of America.

The August sales totals outstripped every month over 40 years of US sales except December of 2012, when Audi retailed 14,841 vehicles to American buyers.

Audi’s sales jumped across the lineup with a few notable standouts like the Q5 SUV posting a 91.6 percent boost last month with an all-time record of 3,845 units. Audi’s Q7 sales soared 55.4 percent to 1,478 vehicles. Year-to-date sales for the Audi Q5 are up 43.6 percent while sales for the Audi Q7 increased 49.2 percent.

The awesome Audi R8's sales jumped 65.2 percent in August, as buyers were drawn into the gravitational field of the updated 2014 models.

Simultaneously, Audi TDI clean diesel vehicle sales are making significant inroads towards mainstream acceptance, proving America may yet come around to the alternative fuel. Sales of the all-new A6 TDI, A7 TDI and Q5 TDI, along with the previously introduced A8 TDI and Q7 TDI models achieved a volume of 1,180 vehicles in August, with the Q7 TDI taking over 25.6 percent of model sales.

Meanwhile Audi sedan sales continued strong with the Audi A6 taking the lead via an increase of 34.5 percent over last year to 2,110 vehicles sold.

Sales of top of the line Audi’s like the Audi A8, Audi A7, Audi A6, and Audi Q7 increased 22 percent year to date, and fulfilling 32.6 percent of total Audi sales this year and 46 percent of Audi’s annual sales gain.

“Previously, Audi had never approached that sales milestone in its 40-year history, proof positive of the sales momentum our brand has rapidly built in this competitive luxury market,” concluded Del Rosso.

The increases even spilled over onto Audi Certified pre-owned vehicle sales, which also leapt over the previous all-time monthly sales record with 3,651 vehicles sold. The former record was set in June 2011 with 3,636 vehicles sold making August 2013 the top monthly CPO sales result in Audi of America history.