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Audi breaks through annual U.S. sales record

Audi has already beaten their standing sales record for the U.S. set at 101,629 models sold last year. With 10 consecutive year-to-year monthly increases (and an 11th looming for November) Audi has already moved 102,055 vehicles as of the Thanksgiving weekend with over a month to go for 2011 sales.
Posted: November 29, 2011 - 5:18PM
Author: Don Bain

Not only have their new car sales been setting records, Audi also set a new annual record for Certified pre-owned (CPO) sales, which totaled 33,102 vehicles through the the Thanksgiving weekend, up 32% from last year. The previous annual record for Audi CPO sales was 32,108 vehicles, sold during 2008.

This marks the second time Audi has topped the 100,000 mark since starting its U.S. sales effort over 41 years ago. Audi sales have been steady throughout the year, setting new records every month so far. The company is anticipating its 11th record month of 2011 when full November sales totals are reported this week.

“The Audi momentum story began a few years ago with the restructuring of our U.S. business model and the steady arrival of exciting new models that have captured the imagination of the American premium car customer,” said Johan de Nysschen, President, Audi of America. “Through precarious economic conditions, we have held fast to this plan along with our dealers who have devoted record levels of investments in their franchises.”

This can also be laid on the current dollar to Euro exchange rate and the simple fact that ratio increases the intrinsic value of Audi models. The brand tends to deliver a lot of luxury, technology and advanced engineering for the money.