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BMW: 1 Series M Coupé may be owned by wider audience

Today BMW announces the availability of the new Series 1 M Coupé – a high performance, lightweight sports car destined to extend the reach and market penetration of the BMW M model experience – not to mention stirring the hearts and souls of drivers and young enthusiasts the world over.
Posted: May 16, 2011 - 4:24PM
Author: Don Bain

"It's a pure, clear M car. It's a 1 Series that caters for the young enthusiast, combining the substance of an M3 with a 1 Series and a very strong engine,” said Dr Kay Segler, former Head of BMW M. “Together this makes for focused car that begs to be driven.” BMW 1 Series M Coupé paves the way for a wider audience to appreciate M car ownership, the company said in a statement.

Segler was a driving force behind the development of this vehicle that only comes with a six-speed manual transmission, specially designed to compliment the high-torque engine.

The coupe’s 2,979cc engine produces 340 horsepower and revs up to an impressive 500 Nm torque as it propels the car from zero to 62 mph in 4.9 breathtaking seconds. However, the vehicles top speed is electronically limited to155 mph, meaning it can barely keep up with the big dogs on the Autobahn.

The BMW1 Series M coupe has a power to weight ratio of 227hp/tonne, ensuring superlative performance and nimble handling for its segment.

Extensive use of aluminum in its fabrication kept the curb weight to just 1,495 kg. It comes with a Variable M locking differential, compound brakes, DSC with M Dynamic Mode (MDM) and M Servotronic.

MDM significantly alters the performance of the car, delivering the sheer rapture of a seamless bond between man, machine and the open road.

"Inside the 1 Series M Coupé there is a secret you will find in each and every M car, the M button,” Segler said. “By pressing it, this transforms the car into a totally different creature, increasing the throttle response and putting an even bigger smile on your face."

An entirely new dual-mass, lightweight flywheel augments the power plant's efficiency and is eminently capable of dealing with the higher torque levels thanks to increased solidity.

The BMW1 Series M coupe comes to local dealerships for sale or lease this month for $46,135.