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Mazda Plays Up Japanese Roots to Entice Hispanic Buyers

Most people know that Mazda is a Japanese car company. Now the brand is playing up its Japanese roots in advertising aimed at Hispanic buyers.
Posted: July 10, 2018 - 1:39PM
Author: Tim Healey

That’s because, according to one Mazda official, Hispanic buyers have long held Japanese brands in high regard.
Mazda’s own research showed that most Hispanic buyers knew the brand was Asian, but not Japanese specifically.

Mazda tried to rectify that by running online ads on Web sites that have large Hispanic audiences. These ads including Japanese language and writing, in order to emphasize the company’s roots.

Mazda Wants to Be Better Known as Japanese Among Hispanic Buyers

“If we get people to know that Mazda is a Japanese brand that is our first hurdle,” said Russell Wager, VP of Mazda's North American operations. “Because the Hispanic community has a great affinity and trust for Japanese brands, equaling craftsmanship and quality.”

Part of one video ad reads: “Who we are is defined by the generations that came before us. We are from Japan. We are from Hiroshima. We put the passion of a city into everything we do.”

Small Mazda Wants to Grow

Mazda remains a small brand, with two percent overall market share and 1.9 percent market share among Hispanics. The company appears to be looking for more ways to grow – despite having a reputation for fun-to-drive, fuel-efficient vehicles, Mazda remains one of the smaller brands on the market. Of course, a small lineup of just six vehicles doesn’t help. But if sales grow, it’s a safe bet Mazda would expand its lineup.

Between attempts at upscale advertising and this outreach to Hispanic buyers, it’s clear that Mazda is exploring every avenue it can to grow.