Mazda Miata Buggy

This Aftermarket Miata-based Buggy Could Be Yours for Cheap, If You Can Wrench

Bring your own Mazda Miata, and be somewhat mechanically skilled, and for under $15,000, you can have a cool-looking off-road buggy.

The Exocet kit car comes from Exomotive, and it uses the drivetrain, subframe, rear differential, suspension, and electrical components from NA and NB generation Mazda Miatas. The rest – the tube-frame chassis, the custom interior, and new body panels are all provided by Exomotive, who also does the fabrication.

The result is a sporty dune buggy that weighs around a bit over 1,500 pounds. The platform allows the LS V-8 to fit, for those who want more power.

That would make for a strong power-to-weight ratio.

Other options include an upgraded NC Miata engine, knobby tires, and a longer-travel suspension.

Cheap is in the Wallet of the Beholder

It’s important to note that the estimated $14,000 cost for the most basic model is just that, an estimate (it also includes the donor Miata, and obviously used car prices are going to fluctuate. The rest of the estimate is for the Exomotive parts and a basic lift kit. Any other mods will add to the price, and it won’t take much to add up to $30,000.

Fun is Worth the Price

Even for that higher price, this thing looks like a hell of a lot of fun. And with spring coming up, it could be just the perfect weekend toy for someone with a little extra cash, a lot of extra time, and some good wrenching skills.

Having a place to play in the woods would help, too.

Apparently, the Mazda Miata is good for being more than just a track-day toy – it can also be a backwoods buggy.

Mazda’s little wonder never ceases to amaze.

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