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First Glance at Audi's new exclusive RS Q8 SUV with over 600 hp unveiled at Geneva Motor Show

A monster power Audi SUV set to rival x6m from BMW and Mercedes own AMG departments GLE 63s. First glance at the Audi RS Q8

Let me start by saying that if you’re interested in Audi’s, big horsepower, luxurious interiors and neck breaking speed, that this is the article for you. There is no hybrid here, in fact it is rumoured from Germany that there will be a well known and loved rumble from a twin turbocharged 4.0 v8, already used by Audi in the s8 that boasts an eye watering 605bhp. No matter how you look at that, not only is it impressive but it dwarfs BMW’s x6’s 567 bhp. This is looking promisingly fast.

With the q8 being proudly shown at Detroit motor show last month there have been hints and whispers for a more aggressive body styling and a new wider grille sporting the well known and loved honey combe grill innards, and who can forget that meaningful Quattro lettering. Under that a new splitter will be taking control of the front end as well as sending some well needed air into the engine compartment for the 4.0 motor to swallow up. 305/35/23 wheels and tyres combo were on the standard bodied q8, so it can only be assumed a upgrade will be in order.

Geneva motor show is set to be a big one this year, and for me the RSQ8 is one of the bigger ones to watch for. With such high hopes for this car, it would be safe to say Audi are giving this year’s luxury suv market a push in the right direction.