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Will The Tesla Model 3's Main Rival Ultimately Be Toyota?

By the time the Tesla Model 3 is released could its main competitor be car giant Toyota or will it be plain sailing for the California carmaker?

This is the point posed by an article over at Forbes, who stated from an undisclosed study performed by a a large global OEM that it is more likely, Toyota owners than anybody else who Tesla will have to go up against and convince.

Tesla Model 3 an Affordable EV
The Tesla Model 3 is expected to be an EV vehicle affordable to the masses, with at least 373,000 preorders already on the books. However, Tesla come from the standpoint of being a luxury EV maker about to hit the general car buying population, while Toyota have their fingers in far more pies, many pies in fact. The study says that a potential Tesla model three owner probably drives a Toyota today and being those that want to afford cutting-edge technology, which was previously only reserved for the rich. If it's not Toyota owners than its probably, Chevrolet, than Ford. BMW, Cadillac and Lexus are the next least likely.

The study also shows that it's from a 800 sample group and a flash study.

The study outlines how the average Toyota owner doesn't expects their vehicle to really break down, is quickly fixed and is affordable. Some of these aspects may have slipped in recent years, but the ethos is still there and especially the middle class car owner. Some Tesla owners have said they have waited potentially weeks for servicing and understandable early adopters of Tesla vehicles are now turning into discerning buyers wanting as much or more than the competitors. The concerns but if there are servicing problems now, they are only going to escalate in the future.

Tesla Must Increase Its Service Network
The study also goes into factors like Tesla desperately needing to increase its service network, retail outlets and indicates that Tesla are inexperienced and completely unaware of what is coming their way, especially when confronted with 'spoiled Toyota owners.' Aspects like these may possibly 'derail the Model 3 launch.'

It's clear that Tesla have big plans for the Model 3 and expect to shift a lot of units, with the question on many people's lips the fact that can they launch and produce the model 3 at the rates predicted and on time. With the Tesla Fremont and Gigafactory kicking into gear it's really only conjecture at this point if they will meet all production deadlines, shift predicted units and be able to service and charge all their vehicles as predicted.

Next 12 Months Will Be Decisive
There is one thing for sure that the company and CEO Elon Musk have always had big plans and to even get to the levels they have now is quite groundbreaking in many respects. The next 12 months or so will definitely be an interesting time for the company and if it's Joe Toyota, Chevy or Miss Nissan, the Model 3 is bound to make an impact in one shape or form.