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Tesla Rival Faraday Future Blasts Past The Competition. Not To Be Missed Video

Electric car Company Faraday Future have released a promotional video ahead of its January production release, tantalisingly showing the new car drag racing against some of its main competitors, a Bentley Bentayga, a Ferrari 488 GTB and the Tesla Model X P100D.
Posted: December 19, 2016 - 5:48AM
Author: Dave Ashton

As you would expect the Faraday Future vehicle smokes the competition in the video, clearly trying to show the new production vehicle to be top of the electric performance mountain for next year. The video is brought to you from Irwindale, California and the presence of the Bentley and the Ferrari show a vehicle to try and compete with not just luxury, but also the highest of performance. The caption in the video, 'Faraday Future vs. the world' is a bold statement, but this short edited video shows that at least in the performance stakes, Faraday Future could be onto something.

The new unnamed vehicle from Faraday Future seems to be an electric SUV costing around $100,000, possibly aimed at competing with the Tesla model X.

The Tesla model X can hit 60mph in an amazing 2.9 seconds in Ludicrous Mode, but the video would be more interesting if it was up against the Tesla model S P100D which can do 0-60mph in just 2.5 seconds. The other caveats here is that traditional engines have higher top speeds and unusually catch up over longer distances. I think the main point here though is to try and beat the Tesla offerings, but can FF out punch the electric might of Tesla in the long run?

Touted for release in January for the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, FF had some negative press towards their financial status as of late. Back in November their Nevada factory work seemed to grind to a halt.

"At this time, Faraday Future is temporarily adjusting their construction schedule with plans to resume in early 2017. We remain fully committed to our client and our employees working on this project, and we look forward to the facility's successful delivery.?" AECOM stated to Jalopnik. The Chinese start-up is also backed up by a Chinese investor Jia Yueting, but the company have also been given $215 million in incentives from Nevada State.

The financial status may affect the FF production line, but the video clearly tries to quell all these points and just focus on what the vehicle tries to deliver, a vehicle that can outperform, not just the best in the Ev world but also what traditional engines can offer. If it can ultimately be a match for some of its electric competitors remains to be seen in the coming year.