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Hyundai Canada Want You To Rate Your Car Online

Hyundai Motors Canada have teamed up with user generated content providers Reevoo to collect user data from real Hyundai owners.
Posted: January 31, 2017 - 9:28AM
Author: Dave Ashton

Hyundai Canada have linked with Reevoo based in the UK to collect verified vehicle user reviews, with the emphasis on authenticity with the data as they are coming from actual car owners. The reviews in essence will be be very detailed and in high-volume, which is a specialism of Reevoo. They currently deal with many European auto manufacturers and the deal with Hyundai will be the first in North America for the company. Reevoo are also known for collecting data in the financial, travel and retail areas.

The idea is also to give a voice to current Hyundai owners, 'Not only do we get to plug-in to direct feedback from Canadian Hyundai drivers and learn from them, but we also get to share that feedback publicly with people who might be researching their next vehicle,' 'In an era where shopping online for the vast majority of consumer goods involves customer reviews, it's time for this valuable content to migrate into the North American automotive industry,' said Lawrence Hamilton Director of Marketing for Hyundai Canada.

Hyundai and Reevoo have been collecting data since last November and the feedback is looking promising, 'After collecting over 2,200 reviews so far, Hyundai's vehicle range is scoring high amongst consumers, with no vehicle rated below an 8.5 out of 10. This is a testament to the amount of work our engineers invest to ensure the quality of Hyundai vehicles consistently meet incredibly high standards. It's one thing for Hyundai to say it has high-quality vehicles, Reevoo empowers customers to say the same thing, but on our behalf.'

The move is seen as a way to feedback to potential new customers who will get genuine reviews from existing Hyundai owners and opinions that will seem more worthy coming from a trusted source or at least actual owners. Genuine reviews from actual Hyundai owners may be something that may spread across the industry, just as people read actual reviews for apps with star ratings and make a judgement if they should purchase or not seems a possible way forward for potential car purchases.

Hyundai Canada has been in production since 1983 under distributed and sold for more than 210 dealerships throughout Canada.