Working on your car

Endangered - Working On Your Own Car

If you grew up working on your car or the family car with your dad, then you can remember the simple times of doing a routine tune up. However, those times aren't so simple anymore.

At one point, you might have spent your weekends with your daily driver giving it a tune up and fixing any problems that may have arisen with it during the week. However, the days of that are quickly fading away thanks to the advancement of technology.

Growing up, I can always remember my dad and I working on the cars. It was a time that father and son could bond over something they both loved, however those times are in danger.

With the advancements in technology,it's made the ability to work on your car more and more difficult. Some cars don't even allow you to service the transmission anymore. Not to mention, there are far more special tools that you would need to buy to service your vehicle.

Namely one is a scan tool. While there are several on the market, some vehicles require scan tools that cost several thousand dollars (as if tools aren't expensive enough already). It's unfortunate that your everyday socket kit can't fix your car anymore.

I'm not saying that the weekend car project is something a father and son can't enjoy anymore. There's still plenty to do! An old car that needs a restoration is still a great project to do on the weekends.

What I am saying is, a simple tune up isn't so simple anymore. Sure you can change out spark plugs and wires (some are more difficult than others) and change your oil, but the days of turning a few screws to make the car run better are definitely in the past.

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