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What We Know About the 2024 Ram 1500 Electric Truck

During Stellantis' EV Day presentation, they released new details about what the company is calling a "Class-shattering Ram 1500".

As part of its EV Day 2021, Stellantis outlined plans for its future electric vehicles and one of the most important is the future Ram Electric truck, promised for 2024. The Ram 1500 is a huge profit center for the entire Stellantis company. Chief Design Officer Ralph Gilles said that the company is working on 8 vehicles that will come to market in the next 3-5 years. Gilles said “One of the most important segments in North America is the market the Ram truck plays in, the 1500”. Ram provided a futuristic-looking sketch of a truck and insisted the plans will put the customer first.

Watch the Ram Electrification Video

Gilles described the platforms that will be used and outlined the new STLA Frame platform that will support the all-new Ram 1500 electric vehicle, which is promised for 2024. There are four STLA platforms, Frame will provide the underpinnings for the body on frame vehicles like large SUVs and the Ram trucks. STLA is pronounced Stella, and the different sizes correspond to the size of the batteries. The Frame size battery should be 159-200 kilowatt hours and provide up to 500 miles of range.

Gilles said that the battery will sit “nice and low” in the truck and the Electric Drive Modules or EDMs will be on toward the outside of the vehicle, allowing the designers greater versatility in creating “very-attractive designs”. Gilles said Ram will “Redefine what the full-size truck looks like and also how it works.”

The executives describe Ram’s electrification approach as “Ram – Built to Serve a Sustainable Planet”.

In a special video, Mike Koval Jr., Ram Brand Chief Executive Officer, stressed that everything the company does will be “Customer-First”. Koval said that Ram customers are “Open to electrification but not willing to sacrifice power, performance or capability.” Koval said that Ram will differentiate from the competitors and offer a full portfolio of eTechnology designed to provide the capability that Ram customers demand. Koval said that hauling or towing is a huge concern for their customers and that will play a large role in the company’s plans.

What The Company's Statements Suggest

I would expect that there will be various degrees of electrification across the Ram line-up, allowing customers to pick what amount of electrification works for them. Quick charging and being able to use the electricity to power other equipment is another perk that will be incorporated into designs. Ram has built its reputation on towing capacity and being a rolling office. I would expect it to lead in towing ability and go over-the-top on a luxury interior.

Koval said, “In 2024, with full knowledge of what our competitors are doing, we will surpass their offerings with a Ram 1500 fully-electric.” He promised a vehicle built to again "Redefine the full-size segment". He said they will offer fully electrified vehicles for the majority of the segment by 2025, and electric solutions for all of the segment by 2030.

A graphic in Koval’s presentation referred to a Range Electric Paradigm Breaker or REPB. The project will offer all of the characteristics of BEVs with real world range. However, Koval did not elaborate on what that might entail.
Ram is also promising a mid-size electric truck that will be built on the STLA Large platform. The STLA Medium platform will support sedans and SUVs, including an electric muscle-car. The STLA small platform will be used for smaller cars.

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