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What is causing dimpling on 2016 Chevrolet Camaros?

Owners of 2016 Chevrolet Camaros are noticing mysterious dimpling on the tops of the quarter panels. One very clever owner may offer a clue about what is causing the problem that looks like hail damage, in areas where they don't have hail.

It is one of those crazy questions. “Why does my beautiful car have weird dimples on the tops of the quarter panels?” You know nothing hit it. You live in an area that doesn’t get hail. You haven’t noticed squirrels throwing anything, but it is common enough that there are several threads about it in Chevrolet Camaro forums.

JD started the most recent thread. “I’ve recently noticed dimples on the top of my rear quarter panels on my 2016 rs. They are on the top just outside the creases that run down the top. The drivers side has 2 and the passenger side has 4 . They start outside the crease where the rear window ends and are spaced about 4 inches outside the same crease . I thought they might be some kind of hail damage but my car has never been in such weather and the dimples match side to side. The only info ive found on this is it happed on the previous generation. Anyone else have anything like this?”

The owner of a 2017 2SS says “That's funny because I just noticed one on mine after owning it since August. I didn't notice it until I was in a weird angle.”

Now that you mention it, BlueThunder just checked his 2SS. “I just saw one on my car yesterday in that same spot. Did not check for a matching one on the other side.”

A Texas driver chimed in with an important question. “Have them on both sides on top of the rear fenders. Is this something Chevy will take care of?”

A very astute owner started another thread with a plausible explanation. Mr. Toner says “Yesterday, after reading about other members seeing dimples on the top of the rear quarter, I went out and looked at mine, and saw no dimples. Today, I did some detailing, and when doing the rear window, I have to lean way over [I am 5'6"]. I didn't realize I was leaning with my left elbow until I suddenly heard the unmistakable sound of oil-canning! Sure enough, right where my elbow was, there was a dimple .The good news is, that I pulled out the trunk liner on that side, and reached in to feel where the dimple was located on the inside. I very slowly applied upward thumb pressure right at the dimple, and now it is totally invisible. For those of you that take it through full service car washes, it could be that the guys wiping off the car and cleaning the rear window are doing the same thing. Or, like many of us that don't put it through the car wash, we are doing it while cleaning or detailing.”

SSDan believes they may have found the answer. “I agree with you. The metal on the top of the quarter panel is very thin. I have accidentally pushed on it when resting one hand on it while bending over to clean the lower portion around the wheel. It pops up and down very easily with very little pressure and a dimple could be the result.”

An owner in Phoenix adds, “For those that have the car tinted, maybe it was the tint guy. They cut the film on the outside and lean over to do this.”

Mark Z says “I have them too. Mine were TERRIBLE from the dealership(mine was in showroom) plus a few added to it from getting the windows tinted. I made dealer aware of them nearly immediately after purchase, they attempted to fix free of charge via paintless dent removal. Worked about 70%.....but still noticeable.”

Mr. Toner may have solved the mystery. It seems that buyers better check their vehicles with a fine-toothed comb before taking delivery and be extra careful when doing clean-up. Hopefully, being aware of the possible dimpling will lead to owners being mindful of the potential damage.

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