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Stellantis Confirms Four Electrified Pickups - How 2025 Ram 1500 REV Fits In

Stellantis is promising to have 4 electrified pickups available in North America over the next two years. What else is planned for production along with the 2025 Ram 1500 REV BEV?

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Stellantis confirmed its plans for four electrified pickups, bound for North America, this week. We already know about the 2025 Ram REV BEV. What are the others? The disclosure came as part of Stellantis' announcement that it is beefing up its commercial vehicles and wants to become #1 for commercial trucks in North America. The Stellantis Initiative is called Stellantis Pro One. That # 1 position is currently held by Ford with its line of F-Series trucks and Transit vans.

Stellantis says it will present its full lineup of renewed connected vans on Oct. 23. The parent company of Ram promises to unveil the new Ram ProMaster EV this year.

As part of the automaker’s plan to boost its commercial light duty vehicles, it says it will have “Four electrified pickup trucks over the next two years, including new Ram 1500 REV in 2024 and a new hydrogen solution to come”.

“We are launching Pro One to leverage our undeniable commercial vehicles leadership with the concept – six brands, one force – as this business accounts for one-third of Stellantis Net revenues,” said Jean-Philippe Imparato, Head of the Stellantis Commercial Vehicles Business Unit. “As customer expectations grow more complex and diverse, we are here to address each specific need with a dedicated solution. Our mission is to stand side by side with our customers around the world and deliver the products and services that help them thrive.”

What Could the Four Electrified Trucks Be?

  • The one we know of for sure is the 2025 Ram REV BEV that is scheduled to go into production late next year.
  • An easy second could be a 4xe version of the Jeep Gladiator. Jeep already has the two best selling PHEVs in North America with the 4xe versions of the Jeep Wrangler and the Jeep Grand Cherokee. It should be relatively easy to electrify the Gladiator with a similar power plant.
  • Ram has been seen testing a mid-size truck believed to be called the Ram Rampage. Consumers have pleaded with Ram to bring back a mid-size. Could the Rampage include an electrified version?
  • The statement says there will be an electrified hydrogen fuel cell solution. The fourth electrified pickup could be a Ram that is upfitted with a hydrogen fuel cell. Stellantis leads the light duty commercial truck segment in Europe. It may have a fuel cell truck that could be easily folded into the Ram brand.

Diverse Approach to Electrification

Stellantis says its plan includes several innovative approaches. It will use longer-range second-generation BEV propulsion systems which we saw with the unveiling of the 2025 Ram 1500 REV BEV. At the time, Ram said that a larger battery pack would be available as a range extender.

As I mentioned, Stellantis sees an electrified hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain as a viable solution, especially for commercial vans and trucks.  

The most interesting announcement, I think, is that Stellantis is planning a way to retrofit current ICE vehicles with electrified power plants. In its announcement, the automaker says “Developing a seamless digital ecosystem for converters and upfitters with e-Power Take Off technology to reduce lead time, connecting customers, dealers, converters and the manufacturer.” What I find interesting about that is that Ford tried upfitting some of its smaller vehicle years ago with EV power plants and eventually abandoned the effort. It found that the upfitted vehicles didn’t perform as well as expected and it was expensive. Stellantis says the “New digital converter/upfitter ecosystem to reduce lead time.” It will help the automaker compete with GM’s BrightDrop electric vehicles as well as Ford’s Transit EVs more quickly than producing the trucks from scratch.

We may know much more this week when Stellantis unveils its plans for commercial vans. We’ll have it for you when they reveal the updated plans.

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