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See the Incredible Future Jeep is Planning for Off-Roaders

Jeep is banking on enhanced connectivity really improving the driving experience for all Jeep owners. See this example of how new services can change the off-roading experience.

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Earlier we told you about the Stellantis plan to increase revenue in the future through improved software, subscriptions and connectivity. Today, Jeep is releasing more information about what it envisions for the future. Jeep released a video called ‘Freedom Connected’ about how increased connectivity can change the experience for drivers. It is important to point out that this could work for anyone sharing similar technology.

What 'Freedom Connected' Represents

‘Freedom Connected’, shows how Jeep owners can enhance their experience through technology. It is more than just finding the nearest gas station or electric charging station. Jeep owners will be able to find directions to off-road trails, as well as mapping so they know exactly how to navigate them. Jeep drivers could also be able to find other Jeep owners through vehicle-to-vehicle communication, even if there is no cellular service. Increased connectivity will also lead to frequent over-the-air updates, so that owners don’t have to go back to the dealership for map updates and flashes to improve software. While some of these updates sounded like science fiction not that long ago, recent improvements in software put these sorts of interactions within reach.

Future for Conquests, Service Retention and Cross-Selling

One of the future possibilities that Stellantis discussed, is the potential for conquests, service retention and cross-selling. That would suggest that drivers could keep subscribing to the services that they enjoyed. In the future, it would be possible that a Ram owner could subscribe to the same service as the Jeep owner. The two drivers could go off-roading together, enjoy the same trail maps and have vehicle-to-vehicle communication even though they are different types of vehicles. In a perfect future world, the type of vehicle, and the model year would not matter, the drivers would still have access to the same subscription service and updating. While this does not exist yet, Jeep and Stellantis see it happening as soon as 2024.

Cross-selling would suggest that Stellantis sees the possibility that drivers of different brands like General Motors and Ford could also subscribe to the services, which would definitely be a game changer. Right now, most automakers have their own proprietary infotainment system. Ford and Lincoln use SYNC. General Motors has OnStar. Stellantis obviously sees the possibility to make conquests and sell to different brands in the future. Dreams will become reality sooner than many people realize.

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