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General Motors is the Latest to Unveil an eBike

General Motors is inviting fans to get in on the ground floor of its plans to market eBikes. GM is the latest automaker to include integrated eBikes in its mobility plans. Ford and Audi have been developing the eBikes for years.

General Motors is jumping in to the eBike market in a big way, and inviting fans to come along for the ride. GM is committing to eventually being all-electric and says that eBikes could play a significant role in helping give customers the freedom they seek. GM confirmed that it is developing two integrated and connected eBikes. One is a folding bike and the other is compact. At this point, neither eBike has a name or has been assigned to one of the GM brands.

GM is announcing a contest, asking eBike fans to help the company choose a new brand name for the eBike.

“We want customers to be involved from the start, so we’re asking enthusiasts from around the globe to help name our eBike brand using The challenge participant responsible for the selected eBike brand name will receive $10,000 and nine other participants responsible for runner-up submissions will each receive $1,000.”

It is interesting that GM is joining the eBike mobility movement. Both Ford and Audi have experimented with eBikes. Ford has integrated eBikes into the company’s mobility plans since 2016. The eBikes make sense, especially if you consider them as part of a larger mobility plan. The eBikes can definitely ease traffic congestion in larger cities.

eBikes Play Huge Roles in Mobility Plans

Riders could carry their bikes onto commuter trains and buses and use them to go the last mile or two of their commutes. The folding bikes are small enough to fit into the trunks of cars and can easily be used to complete commutes from central parking areas.

“As an avid cyclist and urban commuter, I know how great it feels to get where I’m going easily and to show up sweat-free,” said Hannah Parish, director of General Motors Urban Mobility Solutions. “We blended electrification engineering know-how, design talents and automotive-grade testing with great minds from the bike industry to create our eBikes. Now we want to expand our thinking beyond the company walls and hear from people who like to move and have rad ideas.”

The connected eBikes can receive information from smartphones concerning routes. Eventually, once the communications are advanced enough, the connected eBikes will be able to electronically communicate with nearby vehicles to make everyone safer.

eBike Brand Name Contest

People who are interested in the GM contest are invited to suggest “simple, smart and bold concepts capable of bringing the eBike brand to life.” Remember that GM will be marketing the eBikes around the world so the brand name has to sound great worldwide. In other words, don’t suggest something that could be misconstrued or sound like a swear word in another country.

GM plans to accept ideas and suggestions concerning the new brand name through 10 a.m. EST Monday, November 26. Fans can visit to submit ideas.

GM plans to announce the winners in early 2019.