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Why Some Audi Vehicles Will Be Able To Talk With Traffic Signals

We all hate waiting at traffic signals because it feels like an eternity for the red light to turn green. But in a couple of Audi models for 2017, you'll have an idea of when the light will change.
Posted: August 15, 2016 - 2:26PM
Author: Will Maley

Certain 2017 A4, A4 Allroad, and Q7 models will feature Audi's vehicle-to-infrastructure (V-to-I) technology that will allow them to communicate with a connected traffic light. This bit of technology allows for the vehicle to display a countdown of when the light change to green. The countdown will disappear a few seconds before the light change to make the driver pay attention and see if the light does change. It will also warn the driver if the light will turn from green to red when coming up to an intersection. The hope with this technology is to relive the anxiety levels when driving.

"This is our foray into V-to-I. This is designed not as a safety feature but a comfort and convenience feature," said Pom Malhotra, general manager of Audi's connected vehicles division.

"In the future we could envision this technology integrated into vehicle navigation, start / stop functionality and can even be used to help improve traffic flow in municipalities. These improvements could lead to better overall efficiency and shorter commuting times."

Automakers are trying to leverage V-to-I technology as a way to cut down on accidents and improve congestion.

Audi is planning to roll out this capability in five to seven cities in the U.S. sometime this year. The company isn't saying which cities will be first. Also, to get access to this service, you need to pony up for Audi's Connect Prime Service. Costing between $25 to $33 per month, Connect Prime includes a number of services such as traffic, safety, and cellular data.

Pic Credit: Audi