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Why Hasn't Volkswagen Asked the EPA About Restarting TDI Sales?

Since the news came out that Volkswagen was using illegal software on the TDI models, the automaker pulled its paperwork to EPA about having their 2016 TDI models certified so they would be able to start selling them.
Posted: July 13, 2016 - 9:00AM
Author: Will Maley

With the recent settlement, you might think the German automaker would reapply for certification on their diesel vehicles. But you would be wrong. An EPA official tells Automotive News (Subscription Required) that Volkswagen hasn't even applied for the approvals for the Certificate of Conformity - a document that proves your vehicle complies U.S. emission regulations. If your vehicle doesn't have this document, it cannot be sold.

"They need to address our concerns" before sales can resume, the EPA official said.

Those concerns are trying to find a fix that would not only allow the TDI models to meet the emission standards but also scrutiny from the EPA and California Air Resources Board.

Pic Credit: Volkswagen