Volkswagen Golf GTI and Golf GTI Edition 40

Which Hot Volkswagen Golf is Worth it? (Video)

In the U.S., Volkswagen only offers two flavors of hot Golfs; the GTI and R. Europe is a different story.

At the moment, European buyers have the choice of six different sporty Golfs,

  • GTI
  • GTD (Diesel)
  • GTE (Plug-In Hybrid)
  • GTI Edition 40
  • Golf Clubsport S
  • Golf R

A wide selection on offer with each providing their own twist on powertrain, suspension, aerodynamics, and weight. British publication Car Magazine wanted to find out which one of these Golfs would be the quickest. So they brought the six vehicles to the Anglesey circuit in Great Britain. Now the obvious fact needs to be stated here - there is a difference of a 125 horsepower between the least powerful (Golf GTD with 181) to the most powerful (Golf Clubsport S with 306). Car decided to spilt them into three performance tiers (GTD vs. GTE, GTI vs. GTI Edition 40, Golf Clubsport S vs. Golf R).

There is one more thing we should mention. Car also wanted to find out which of the six offered the best value. You're going to need to watch the video to find out which one was the quickest and which one offer the best performance for your money.

Pic Credit: Car Magazine on Youtube

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