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Volkswagen's Press Conference Is Crashed By A Comedian

Posted: March 3, 2016 - 3:16PM
Author: Will Maley
Volkswagen wanted to make headlines at the Geneva Auto Show for the vehicles they were showing. But they also made the headlines for something quite funny and embarrassing.


As Volkswagen board member Jurgen Stackmann was presenting an updated version of the Up! city car, a person dressed as a Volkswagen mechanic and carrying a box with 'defeat device' written on it came on the stage. Walking towards the vehicle, the person said “I have this new cheat box. No one is going to find out about this one!”

Stackmann, surprised by this person coming on stage said “OK, it doesn’t need repair, it’s a perfect car.”

From there, the person in question tried to get underneath the vehicle and install the device. It was here that security personnel was called in and removed the person from the event.

British newspaper The Telegraph reports the person in question is British comedian Simon Brodkin. Last year, Brodkin made headlines by getting into a televised FIFA press conference and throwing money at the organization’s disgraced president, Sepp Blatter.

Do you think Brodkin's act was funny or not?