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Rumored: Porsche Works On An Electric SUV

Porsche is busy at work getting on transitioning the Mission E concept to production model. But there is now talk of an electric SUV joining the Mission E in a few years.
Posted: August 14, 2016 - 2:21PM
Author: Will Maley

Can we stop this crazy train for a moment? Where did this idea come from?

To fully understand, we need to go back a week. At the time, Car Magazine published a set of spy photos showing a Panamera body riding on top the running gear of an SUV. Sources told Car this mule is using bits from the upcoming Audi Q6 e-tron. Sources also said this project hasn't gotten the green light yet.

Then today, Autocar published a report providing a few more details on this possible new SUV. According to their sources, the new model will use bits from the Q6 e-tron and Porsche's Mission E. It is unclear if the model will use a two motor setup like the Mission E or a three motor setup like the e-tron. The Cayenne SUV is expected to share some its chassis components with the new SUV. Like Car's report, Autocar says the project hasn't been the go-ahead.

But why?

The elephant in the room is Tesla. The company has been seen droves of German luxury brand owners come over to them, and the Germans brands are none too happy. The brands have been outlining plans for an offensive against Tesla and that includes SUVs. We know that Mercedes-Benz will be showing off an electric SUV concept at the Paris Motor Show next month. We also know that Jaguar has plans for a small electric SUV known as E-Pace.

Pic Credit: Porsche