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Rumored: All-New Audi V8 to be its Last?!

When Audi introduced the SQ7 TDI earlier this year, it premiered a new V8 TDI engine with three turbochargers; two standard and one electric. This engine is the first of a new-generation of gas and diesel V8s that will appear in future Audi, Bentley, and Porsche models. But it also might be the last one Audi builds.
Posted: July 8, 2016 - 8:52AM
Author: Will Maley

Autocar learned from a source at Audi that there might not be a next-generation of V8 engines from the German brand. The source explained that Audi is shifting investments to full electric and hybrid models.

“By 2025, the plan of Audi management is to have between 25% and 35% of Audi’s output as battery-electric vehicles. It would be very difficult to justify the huge investment in another new V8 because of the cost of developing electric drivetrains and battery packs. You have to ask what is the best use of investment money.”

With stricter fuel economy regulations coming into effect around the world, automakers are scrapping V8 engines and going towards downsized six and four-cylinder engines with some sort of turbo or supercharging.

Pic Credit: Audi