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Only Volkswagen Cheated On Emission Tests Says KBA

Since it came to light that Volkswagen used illegal software on diesel vehicles to cheat emission tests, questions of whether anyone else had done this. The German regulator for transportation has finished its testing on diesel vehicles and has the answer.
Posted: April 8, 2016 - 9:46AM
Author: Will Maley

German business paper Handelsblatt (via Reuters) reports that the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) has concluded that Volkswagen was the only automaker to cheat as part of an investigation. The results of the investigation will be released later this month. However, Handelsblatt was able to learn about the results through sources at the KBA.

The investigation was opened not too long after Volkswagen admitted to using illegal software in diesel vehicles to cheat emission tests. The authority looked into the laboratory and real world emissions of 60 diesel vehicles from a range of manufacturers sold in Germany. The sources told the paper that the KBA found “strange irregularities” in the emissions from other diesel models, but they were operating within legal limits. After months of investigating, the authority reached the conclusion that vehicles from the Volkswagen Group used defeat devices.

Handelsblatt says the raw results have been to all of the automakers who vehicles were involved in the investigation.