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Mercedes-Benz Rumored To Launch A Competitor To the Audi A6 Allroad

The rugged, all-wheel drive station wagon class could be getting a new member.

Australian outlet Motoring reports that Mercedes-Benz is working on a direct competitor to the Audi A6 Allroad that is tipped to launch in 2017. Tentatively known as E-Class All-Terrain, the model will use the next-generation E-Class wagon as a base. The model will sit between the standard E-Class wagon and the GLE-Class crossover.

Rumors of this rugged E-Class wagon have swirling around since 2015 when Matthias Luhrs, Vice President of sales for Mercedes said they were exploring a possible competitor to the Audi Allroad.

Mercedes-Benz is planning to launch the E-Class wagon in June and Motoring says the E-Class All-Terrain will be shown as well.

Is anyone interested in a rugged E-Class wagon?

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