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Here is How Nissan's Carlos Ghosn Test Drives Self-Driving LEAF

Have you seen a self-driving Nissan LEAF? A new video shows Nissan's CEO Carlos Chosn test driving self-driving Nissan LEAF and sharing his opinions about when these cars may be on the roads.


Last week I wrote about self driving cars and today I see that Carlos Ghosn is taking a test drive in the Autonomous Nissan LEAF. “I didn’t drive anything, I was just sitting in the car," Ghosn says in the video He predicts we will see these cars much sooner than even he thought.

My estimation is these cars will be here for us by 2020. That’s only 5 years from now. You can see the Nissan CEO’s test drivinvg of the LEAF here.

As previously stated, the flexibility these cars offer the consumer is overwhelming. We will be able to work during our commute, we can sleep on our commute, we can send the car to pick up our kids if we are double booked,

If Uber buys lots of self-driving Nissan LEAFs, we can have them come and pick us up and we will never even have to own a car. Imagine that. Enough Uber vehicles and you would only have to buy a car if you needed to. Otherwise, you can just use Uber on your phone and schedule the time you want to leave, the car will be in your driveway and you can sleep to your destination, or work, or play. There are so many possibilities with seal-driving cars.

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