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Is There Really a 430 Mile Range Model 3 Battery?

Is there really a 430 mile range Model 3 Battery? Recent news has come out that CATL will produce such a battery. The question is: What will Tesla do with this battery? Will they utilize all the range, or reduce the size of the battery pack?

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Is There Really a 430 Mile Range Model 3 Battery?

Someone is claiming that the new Tesla Model 3 will have 430 miles of range. Is this true or is it fake news?

According to The Electric Viking, there is news that came out saying that there is a new battery for the Tesla Model 3 that has 430 miles of range. We know that new Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles coming from Giga Shanghai will have new batteries. The Model 3 and Model Y will eventually utilize CATL's new M3P batteries.

CATL confirmed this news. But, did CATL say the batteries would have high energy density. CATL did say this. CATL said there are two different battery chemistries. The LFP battery chemistry and the new kieran battery and that it could increase range from 700 to 1,000 km. Is there an actual model that Tesla will have with 430 miles of range?

Tesla has not claimed this at all. It does not exist at this time. It could exist, but the chance of that is extremely low. Tesla's range right now could be 430 miles, but Tesla is efficient in the batteries it utilizes. The new batteries will have an energy density at the pack level from 10 to 20 percent higher.

Tesla has denied that there will be new batteries going into their vehicles. They don't want to create a situation where people wait for a new battery chemistry in order to replace their vehicle. Tesla is trying to get as many vehicles on the road as they can to transition the world to sustainable energy.

The Future of Tesla Vehicles

In Giga Shanghai, wait times are reducing for vehicles and this is a good thing. But it is not a good thing if Tesla announces that it is having a new battery chemistry with a higher energy density and higher range.

The most likely scenario is that Tesla won't increase the range very much, but will instead decrease the battery pack size. If they decreased the size by 10%, that is a good trade off. That means the vehicle will weight less, causing less wear and tear on the vehicle. This reduced weight will increase the range by maybe 10%.

Where did all this information come from? It came from a Cena Tech report. These new batteries could create ranges for vehicles from Giga Shanghai with 700 km or more. It is clearly evident that these new batteries will go in new Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. When will this happen? I think it will be next year as CATL reaches volume production of the new batteries.

CATL is building a new battery factory near Giga Shanghai. It's most likely that there is a new version of batteries being made in this factory and that Tesla vehicles from Giga Shanghai will benefit from using them.

Countries who get vehicles from Giga Shanghai will be able to use the new battery chemistry. This will leave some room for Tesla to reduce the price. They've done this by reducing the price using BYD's blade battery. There could be a standard range Model Y with LFP batteries in the U.S. once these new batteries arrive.

Do you think Tesla vehicles will get 430 miles of range? Or will Tesla reduce the size of the battery pack?

For more information, see this video from The Electric Viking:

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