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Tesla Has a Van Covered Up On Their Product Road Map: What It Will Cost And Have

Tesla has a van that is covered up on their upcoming product road map. This van should be announced sometime next year.

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The Tesla Robo Van

Tesla has a product that was covered up on their product road map, and I believe this product is the Tesla robo-van. This will be an eventually autonomous vehicle that can be customizable with seats for families or without seats for those who want to live as a nomad in the van.

The first market for this van will be in Giga Mexico, where Tesla will also build the compact car. This is what I suspect Tesla will do and, of course, Tesla can surprise us and do something else. This is just what I see happening.

Tesla has their hands full currently with the 4 vehicle lineup and the upcoming Cybertruck this year, so I don't expect to hear anything about the van this year. Sometime later in 2024, however, I believe we will see Tesla uncover this product and announce it.

Vans are big business, and Tesla could get to the point they are producing 1 million of these per year. If you take a conservative $60,000 selling price, that ends up being $60 billion in revenue alone from one vehicle.

Take that $60 billion in revenue and add a 30% gross margin, and you have $18 billion in net income alone from one product. Tesla will find a way to mass produce this and make that margin. When Tesla solves FSD, it's going to be even higher.

Attach a 30 P.E. (price earnings ratio) and you have a single product that will add $540 per share to Tesla's stock. Look for that to happen by 2027. This is going to be a very important product for Tesla. To sum up:

Per year by 2027 Prediction:
* A large and spacious vehicle, customizable with seats or not
* $60,000 base price
* 1 million sold
* 30% margin
* $18,000 profit per unit sold
* $60 billion in revenue
* $18 billion in net income
* 30 P/E = $540 per share of stock

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What Will It Have?

With the announcement of Giga Mexico, Tesla will soon be turning its attention to another market: the autonomous robo-van.

Size of the Van

The upcoming Tesla robo-van is expected to be larger than the company's existing models, and I think it will have a size similar to that of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or Ford Transit van.

This size will allow for more space and better comfort, making it a great fit for families and businesses that need a large, reliable vehicle. It will also be able to transport large amounts of goods as well.

Battery Size in kWh

Like all of Tesla's products, the robo-van is expected to have a powerful electric powertrain, with a battery size of around 200 kWh. This may seem like a lot, but keep in mind, that the van will be heavier and carrying more people and things and need this larger battery pack.

This will provide the van with ample power and a long-range capability, making it a viable option for long trips and for those who want to avoid frequent charging.

Range and Efficiency

The estimated range for the Tesla robo-van is expected to be around 500 miles on a single charge, giving it an efficiency anywhere between 2 and 2.5 miles per kWh.

This will be a significant improvement over the company's existing models. This range is possible due to the vehicle's large battery capacity, along with its advanced energy-efficient systems. I believe the van will have a heat pump and environmental controls like the Model Y.

A Version with Seats

One of the most interesting aspects of the Tesla robo-van will be the option to have seats installed. There will be options for a third and fourth row of seats that will cost extra.

This makes it an ideal family vehicle, with plenty of space for passengers and cargo. I expect the seats to be highly customizable, with a range of configurations available depending on the needs of the buyer.

A Version without Seats for those who want to live in it

In addition to the version with seats, I think Tesla will have a version of the robo-van without seats, which would be designed for those who want to live in their vehicle and do the "van life". This could be a great option for digital nomads or anyone looking for a mobile home.

This version of the vehicle will be much cheaper than the models with seats, as it will simple have a front and passenger seat and the rest of it will be empty.

Possible Solar Panels for the Top

The Tesla robo-van could come with solar panels on the roof, which would provide additional power and range.

This would make the vehicle even more eco-friendly and energy-efficient, and could be a major selling point for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint. It would also be a big win for nomads who want to live in their van and drive it around.

The Tesla robo-van is an exciting development for the automotive industry, and could change the way we think about transportation. It will have advanced technology, long-range capability, and customizable options, making it a great fit for a wide range of buyers.

I expect the van without any seats to cost around $60,000 and each additional row of seats to be about $2,000. If Tesla can get the cost of this under $60,000, that will be a big win for affordability.

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