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Tesla Has Ground Breaking Ceremony In Texas for Lithium Processing Factory: Supplying 1 Million Vehicles Or More

Tesla just had its ground breaking ceremony for its Lithium refinery in Texas: It will supply 1 million vehicles per year.

Tesla Lithium Factory

Tesla recently had its groundbreaking ceremony for its Lithium refinery plant in Texas. This is a one of a kind plant for an automaker, and Tesla has decided to make this factory because it has no other choice - there just isn't enough Lithium being mined and refined for Tesla to reach its goal of an eventual 20 million vehicles per year.

There was a groundbreaking ceremony yesterday, which included Elon Musk and Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, who said Elon Musk is the greatest Entrepreneur of our time. He is right and probably also very excited for Tesla having so many jobs and economic conditions created in Texas, which will lead to more tax dollars coming in.

Tesla planned on this refinery in September of last year's through a series of regulatory filings that were revealed. Tesla said they were planning a battery-grade Lithium hydroxide refining plant to support their processing of Lithium ore in order to make more batteries.

Tesla started to work with the Nueces Country Commissioners to further negotiate approvals for the Lithium facility. The company was seeking up to $16.2 million in tax breaks over the years from Robstown Independent School district.

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How Many Vehicles?

This facility is going to cost about $375 million, and it will benefit the economy, as mentioned earlier. Expect the construction to create 250 jobs and another 162 high-paying permanent jobs in the area.

Elon Musk got on stage at the Lithium factory as he drove a Cybertruck and began speaking. It will be one of the biggest Lithium refineries in the world. It will produce enough Lithium for about 1 million vehicles, and it will produce more Lithium than all of North America combined.

This is battery grade Lithium and the number of 1 million vehicles can be expanded on if needed. Suppliers will still also supply Tesla with battery grade Lithium, but Tesla just needs more refined Lithium.

Lithium ore is a very common element in earth that is in every country. There isn't a shortage of ore, but there is a shortage of the heavy industry to refine the Lithium to battery grade. It needs to be extremely precise and ultrapure. If you have any impurities, it will cause too much battery degradation.

Elon Musk has a number of refinements in the process that will make their battery grade Lithium better than any available right now.

What do you think of this groundbreaking?

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