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Tesla FSD Completes Complicated and Human-Like Maneuver

Tesla FSD is starting to act more and more like a human driver and is doing things better than a human driver.

Tesla FSD Complicated Maneuver

Tesla FSD, in a video from AIDRIVR, is shown in a left turn lane. This sounds like it is simple, but it is not. The driver started with the car in the 3rd left turn lane on the right. However, traffic was backed up in this lane.

FSD Beta cut all the way in the far left, left-hand turn lane, and this lane had only one car in it. Right when the left turn lane light turned green, FSD Beta immediately signaled to get over into the middle left turn lane.

Once it did that, it smoothly continued to moving into the far right, left-hand turn lane and that was enough to get the car where it was going on its projected course.

FSD Beta completed two lane changes in a very short amount of time. This is something a human driver would do if they were in a hurry, however, FSD Beta did this very smoothly, and it wasn't jerky at all.

It ended up being able to then make a right-hand turn at the end.

This particular video of FSD Beta is a YouTube short from AIDRIVR.

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Tesla FSD and Robotaxi

There is a risk in this maneuver if you are driving it. There is an assumption FSD Beta is making in that it will be able to get back over to the right two lanes from where it started behind the long line of traffic.

Traffic could have coordinated to block FSD Beta from getting back into the far right lane, but instead, the flow of traffic opened up and FSD Beta was able to get right back in. It was very smooth.

I think that somehow, FSD Beta knew that this scenario would work out and that time would be saved by getting over to the lane with only one car in the front.

What's interesting about this complicated maneuver is that this is not a simple thing that a beginning driver would do. Someone doing Driver's Ed at 16 years of age is probably not going to know they can even do this. Only a driver who is experienced can get away with this kind of thing.

My conclusion is that FSD Beta is starting to get very experienced and is completing maneuvers that only experienced drivers are able to. And it's still going to keep improving and getting better.

My prediction has been that the first Robotaxi vehicles will start in 2024. It's really looking like this is going to be a reality based on what I've seen from FSD Beta.

Do you think FSD Beta is going to be driverless next year?

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Image Credit, AIDRIVR, Screenshot