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Tesla FSD is Coming to China: Huge Opportunity

Tesla FSD is coming to China and this represents an enormous opportunity for Tesla.

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Tesla FSD in Chinais a Big Deal

Tesla FSD is coming to China. If you are paying attention to the progress of self-driving cars, then you know that the reality of AI and full self-driving vehicles is starting to become a reality.

Tesla releasing FSD in China is a big deal, and here is why. Tesla already has Giga Shanghai producing hundreds of thousands of vehicles and those vehicles are already on the roads in China gathering data.

Now, Tesla is going to turn on its FSD software in China and this is going to do two things:

It's going to drive sales of Tesla vehicles even higher. There are other companies in China doing FSD as well, like Li Auto and Xpeng. People want FSD software as it will allow them to be more productive or rent out their car as a Robotaxi.

Second, it's going to allow Tesla to gather even more data to improve its FSD software. Data is really the limiting factor for Tesla, and even the hardware 3.0 setup on its existing Model 3 and Model Y vehicles will be enough to be autonomous once the software and neural net has the data it needs to handle all cases.

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Why FSD in China is a Huge Opportunity

The opportunity in China is huge because it has about 1.5 billion people, compared to about 340 million for the U.S. The numbers are staggering and even though not everyone in China or the U.S. will be able to afford FSD or a Tesla with it, more people will when the compact and cheaper versions of Tesla's vehicles are released.

Imagine 100 million Tesla vehicles in China operating as autonomous Robotaxis, bringing in incremental revenue. Even 10 million Tesla vehicles doing this is a staggering amount of money being brought in for Tesla. Time will be saved and safety will be increased.

The safety of an autonomous fleet of vehicles that has been trained on an enormous data set is going to be much safer than the average driver. And, it is going to always be paying attention. Lives will be spared and saved. Will it be perfect? No - but I believe it will be close to perfect, which is orders of magnitude better than what we have today.

Look for Tesla FSD videos to start showing up for vehicles in China and if you pay attention, the U.S., China, and eventually, South America, will have FSD. This is a large portion of the world.

Later on this decade, Tesla will release a compact version of its compact Model 3 in India. Yes, you heard that right - a compact of a compact, and it will cost around $10,000 to $15,000 and be capable of full autonomy.

The future is bright!

Do you think FSD is a big opportunity in China for Tesla?

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