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This Tesla EV Charging Adapter Quickly Detaches In Case You Need To Get Away Fast

There is a Tesla EV charging adapter that makes it very quick for you to get away if you need to in your EV.

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The EV Charging Adapter That Lets You Get Away

There is an EV charging adapter solution called EVject, which allows you to quickly unlock and detach your charger in case you need to get away in your vehicle quickly.

Presently, if you want to get away in your car while charging, you have to click the button to unlock the charge port, get out of your car, disconnect the adapter, and then get back in your car.

This makes it difficult if someone is near your car or there is a fire or some other reason that you need to quickly get away while you are in your car.

This charger is compatible with Tesla vehicles and chargers at the moment, with plans to be compatible with more chargers from other standards and companies.

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Situations This is Useful In

Why might a charger like this be useful? For starters, it is useful if you are in your car and someone is trying to break in to your car or do you harm. You can simply unlock the charge port and drive away - and the adapter will release, and your car can drive.

Another reason would be if there is a group of people that are trying to do you harm or are causing a riot or throwing things at your car. This is another case where you will want to get away quickly.

In the unlikely event of a big fire, this lets you drive away fast without having to worry about getting your of your car and engaging with a fire.

This is also useful in unsafe, dark, and isolated areas where you might feel unsafe while sitting in your car. It is nice to have the piece of mind knowing you can get away easily.

When the adapter separates from the charger, it simply separates from the charge port, which protected the vehicle's charging port and the charger's head as it falls.

Do you think this safe charging adapter is useful and would you get one?

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