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Tesla Displays Mission Impossible Light Show With Music: There Are a Lot More

There's a video of a Tesla doing a light show to Mission Impossible music. Many more light shows are available.

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Tesla Light Show With Mission Impossible

There's a video from Daren Yoong on Twitter showing a Tesla doing a light show to Mission Impossible music. The lights and music are very much in sync.

One of the nice features of a Tesla is that they can do various light shows like this. In this case, there was a custom light show set of files that were used to make this run.

There is a website dedicated to these Tesla light shows that lets you play them using a USB stick. It is compatible with a Model 3, S, X, or Y.

On the website, you can browse plug and play ready to go USB sticks with popular shows on them. There is no need to download them or format the USB drive. You just order it and off you go.

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What Other Lights Shows Can a Tesla Do?

I looked around at the light shows, and they were actually pretty cool and interesting. Here's a list of the ones that caught my eye.

* Knight Rider theme song
* Bohemian Rhapsody
* Star Wars - Imperial March
* Mission Impossible
* Thunderstruck
* Ultimate Star Wars Remix
* A Space Odyssey
* James Bond
* Ghostbusters Theme
* Shivers - Ed Sheeran
* Squid Game

These are just a small set of the light shows with music, and you can find them all on the page.

I ordered a few, including Shivers, Squid Game, and the Knight Rider theme.

What do you think of these custom light shows for a Tesla?

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Image Credit, Daren Yoong, Screenshot

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