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Tesla and BYD Near Deal to Produce EVs in Indonesia With Minister Statement

Tesla Got the Highest Level of Confirmation for a Deal for Electric Vehicles in Indonesia. BYD may also produce vehicles there as well.

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Tesla BYD and Other Auto Makers

We have the best information we've received so far that BYD and Tesla are going to be producing electric vehicle in Indonesia. If this ends up being true, it's quite possible that Tesla will build a giga factory in Indonesia.

As per a senior cabinet minister, Indonesia is closing in on an agreement for electric vehicle facilities in Indonesia. It has been noted that Tesla, BYD, and other auto makers like Hyundai are already finalizing deals with the country.

This would make Indonesia a central hub for EV production. All EV makers are going to make investments in Indonesia in order to take advantage of the strategic geographic location.

As EV production grows and consumer demand grows, materials are needed. Nickel is abundant in Indonesia and it has 22% of the world's Nickel reserves. This will also make Indonesia localized for parts supplies, especially for batteries.

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Will Tesla Have a Giga Factory in Indonesia?

The big question is will Tesla has a giga factory in Indonesia? And if it does, what vehicle will it produce?

Indonesia officials have met with Tesla leadership over the last year. Indonesia delegates have also taken a tour of Giga Texas and last August, Indonesia leaders met with Elon Musk as well.

Elon Musk believes Indonesia is a place where EV battery raw materials should be supplied. Also, President Jokowi of Indonesia believes the country should have car makers producing their EV's in Indonesia.

Jokowi also wants a huge ecosystem of EVs. That means all supplies for batteries and EVs could be handled in Indonesia.

Will Tesla build its next giga factory in Indonesia? Is it a good strategic location?

For more information, see this video from TorqueNews:

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