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Massive Giga Press Seen in Transport: Most Likely Headed to Giga Texas

We can see a giant and well packaged Giga Press from the IDRA group. It is most likely going to Giga Texas.

IDRA Group and the Giga Press

We can see from a new post from Tesla Giga Press maker, the IDRA group, a giant Giga Press. It has been packed in a case and is ready for the Transatlantic crossing. This is a giant machine that takes a great deal of care and effort to get to its onsite location.

This is not a Giga Press for Mexico because that factory is not up and running yet. It hasn't even begun construction. We do know that this is going over the Atlantic Ocean, so there is a good chance that this is going to Giga Texas.

Some wonder if that Tesla should buy IDRA Group, and I don't think they should. The reason is that displacing the entire EV fleet is something Tesla can't do alone and shouldn't have a monopoly on. Other EV makers should be able to use this device as well.

I think this machine will help build the next Model 3 or Model Y vehicles in Giga Texas or an expansion. Sandy Munro has said that other carmakers are starting to copy Tesla, but most of those are in China. If others are going to use the Giga Press, then I think that would be good.

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More Will Be Needed

More of these Giga Press machines are going to be needed and transported. I went looking online for how much one of these enormous machines costs, but haven't been able to find a price. I would not doubt that they cost upwards of $1 million or more, though.

The Tesla Cybertruck is going to use a 9,000 ton Giga Press at Tesla's Giga Texas manufacturing facility. I'm not sure if IDRA is going to be able to build a Giga Press much bigger than they have right now, which makes me wonder how Tesla will mass produce the Tesla Semi or the upcoming robo van.

The Giga Press is very much worth it, even if it costs Tesla millions of dollars per Giga Press ordered. It makes creating the castings for its vehicles much easier, and it will help reduce error by creating the same casting every time.

IDRA Group made about $100 million in revenue in 2021, and my guess is that this is going to increase in future years. This is a technology that is literally needed to save the earth from fossil fuels.

What do you think of the Giga Press from IDRA?

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Image Credit, Idra Group, Screenshot