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I've Heard Tesla's Sales Are Down...

If you have heard news that Tesla's sales are down, you might want to take a look at this.

Tesla Sales Down...

If you've heard the news that Tesla's sales are down this year, then there is something that you might want to look at.

You see, the mainstream media and news outlets thrive on sharing negative news about Tesla. In fact, in Q1 2024, Tesla's deliveries are less than Q1 2023.

The news gets that part right. What they don't say is that Elon Musk has guided for Tesla to exceed deliveries in 2024 from 2023.

It also doesn't share this - the top US EV registration through April 2024:

  1. Tesla: 183,278 (46.3%)
  2. Ford: 29,816 (8.1%)
  3. Hyundai: 20,009 (5.5%)
  4. Kia: 16,579 (4.5%)
  5. BMW: 15,791 (4.3%)
  6. Rivian: 15,045 (4.1%)
  7. Mercedes-Benz: 12,786 (3.5%)
  8. Chevrolet: 12,026 (3.3%)
  9. Volkswagen: 8,457 (2.3%)
  10. Cadillac: 7,819 (2.1%)

Tesla is nearly half of all EV sales in the U.S. As more and more companies transition to and ramp production of EVs, Tesla's market share will inevitably decline. It's just how the numbers will work out. Tesla will still, however, continue to increase its production and make more vehicles - and more compelling vehicles such as the upcoming van, robotaxi vehicle, and compact EV.

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Don't Always Believe Everything Word For Word

Recently, Ryan did an interview of people in Australia about Tesla, with shocking results. Most people didn't know the Model Y was the worldwide bestseller in 2023. Most people believe the battery won't last long. These are all myths that have been debunked.

Any news about Elon Musk and Tesla tends to get extra attention, and any negative news seems to get even more extra attention.

The key is to always investigate for yourself the truth behind what is being said. In the case of Tesla's declining sales, look at the broader picture instead of focusing on the negative spin being put on it.

EV models 2023 to 2024

Autonomous EVs are coming as Tesla continues to improve FSD, and Tesla will also be producing more and more vehicles. The media will likely continue to show Tesla's declining market share and say that Tesla is in trouble.

But the reality will be that there are dozens of other companies who are making more EVs. Tesla can't possibly make more EVs than all these other companies.

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What do you think about "Tesla's declining sales?"

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