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Impressive Display of Flying Autonomous Drone Delivering Drink To Customer: Flying Mobility Is Here

There's a video circulating showing a small drone flying a drink to a customer. What's impressive about this drone is that it keeps the drink from spilling while flying it.


Impressive Display of Flying Autonomous Drone

In a video from "How Things Work" on, a flying drone delivered a drink to a customer. What was impressive about this is that the drink was placed on top of the drone where it flew at a decent speed toward the customer while keeping the drink stable and not spilling.

The cup for the drink was filled nearly all the way, yet a single drop did not spill.

This may look like a simple process, but behind the scenes, there are all sorts of math calculations and calibrated motors in this drone to make this possible.

The drone is also likely correcting many multiple times a second in order to keep the drink stable that is on top of it.

I think this is a great idea for places of business who want to stand out and offer a unique environment.

Of course, it's possible for people to swipe at the drone and spill the drink, but I would hope that people wouldn't do that kind of thing and that the places of business would make it clear that isn't to be tolerated.

The same thing will need to be addressed when Amazon begins using flying drones to deliver goods and services to customers. There will need to be laws in place to prevent tampering.

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Flying Mobility Is Here

There hasn't been a lot of talk about flying mobility because it simply hasn't been ready yet.

But, as technology improves and computers get smaller and smaller - as well as more powerful, flying is going to be more feasible with small drones like this.

Recently, our own TorqueNews did a video about a Boeing 777-9 doing a near vertical take off. This is an impressive display of technology.

In addition to that, on the Joe Rogan podcast, Joe asked Elon Musk about a flying plane, and he began to talk about how it would be possible and how he'd want to do a vertical take-off plane and began to explain complex physics to Joe, which made him say, "I don't understand what you are saying."

Elon Musk says planes need a high energy density. Most of that energy is getting to high altitude. Once you get to that point, you don't need much energy at all and the descent of the plane will regenerate the battery with a lot of energy.

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What do you think about this flying drone delivering a drink to a customer? Is flying mobility here?

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