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Giga Berlin - the Machine that Builds the Machine

There are a series of videos from Tesla showing Giga Berlin at work, building Tesla vehicles with the latest technology.

Giga Berlin and the Machine that Builds the Machine

There have been a series of videos released by Tesla, showcasing Giga Berlin and "The machine that builds the machine". This is in reference to the robots and machines building the Tesla vehicle, which is also a machine.

In the first video, you can see robots automatically taking pieces of metal and steel frames for Tesla vehicles and moving them along an assembly line to get stamped. The process continually moves things along without human intervention.

The rear chassis under body pieces are cast in single pieces and use a custom aluminum alloy, which replaces over 70 metal parts. The important thing about the single casting for parts of the vehicle is that you get the same piece every time with the single casting. When you weld 70 parts together, there is a lot of room for error.

You can later see the custom aluminum alloy at work producing the single casting, with a Tesla worker in a biohazard suit and the machine pulling out the single casting pieces. This is all done using the Giga Press from Idra. It's a truly impressive piece of technology.

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Tesla Technology

In the body shop of Giga Berlin, there are stamped parts and chassis castings that are welded together by about 600 robots. Each car body is lifted to the paint shop by one of the largest industrial robots every, which is named Godzilla.

This enormous robot can lift the entire car frame, after it is welded together, to the paint area to be sprayed and painted. The paint system is very impressive. The base car frame is painted with multiple large and flexible robot arms, spraying the car repeatedly to get an amazing coat of paint.

Once the bulk of the car is put together, the vehicle's moved to General Assembly, where all the extra things are put in like the seats, HVAC, the power electronics, drive units, batteries, and more. There are over 20 automated stations that assist with this process.

At Giga Berlin, this is Tesla's biggest shop by headcount and on any given shift, over 1,000 people are helping build the Model Y. It was impressive to see the drone fly through Giga Berlin and show the process of Tesla vehicles getting built.

What do you think of Giga Berlin's factory and the machine that builds the machine?

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