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Tesla Turns Old New Mexico Casino Into Sales Facility

It appears that Tesla is still looking to build new facilities. This will be Tesla’s first sales facility in the state of New Mexico.

Tesla has decided to build a venue in Nambe, NM that deals with sales, service, and deliveries. Nambe is an area that happens to be a part of a sovereign Pueblo. New Mexico has received millions of dollars through the Volkswagen settlement. This money has been put toward expanding the presence of EVs in the state. The one thing that makes this Tesla facility stand out is that it was built on Native land. Hopefully this won’t cause any issues between Tesla and the local tribes such as environmental disputes.

Items lawmakers have helped put in place

It has been stated by some sources that 30 EV chargers have been installed at state government campuses. When looking a Tesla’s supercharger map, it appears there are a handful of superchargers throughout the whole state. Drivers could benefit if a few more charging stations were built.

How this facility will be beneficial

Tesla customers living in places such as northern New Mexico and western Colorado will have a place get service done. This facility is ultimately part of a larger initiative to expand accessibility to EVs. There are lots of people moving out of California and into different parts of the Mountain West, so Tesla’s expansion into states like New Mexico is inevitable.

Image: Tesla

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