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Model Y Shown Going Through Rigorous Quality Control Process At Giga Shanghai

A short video shows some brief glimpses of the Model Y going through the quality control process at Giga Shanghai. These tests showed that the Model Y has capabilities that a lot of buyers may not even think about that much when buying a car.

The video showing the Model Y is around a minute and a half long. It shows a lot of short snippets of tests. The video moves to the next clip quickly, so it’s sometimes hard to know exactly what is being tested. However, there were some notable tests that the Model Y underwent which included fording a puddle and navigating over a course of speed bumps that was laid out.

What the video showed

The video showed the Model Y’s build quality being tested at the factory. The build quality was tested inside the factory by doing things such as utilizing the X-ray machine to inspect the castings. Individual parts were checked such as the brakes. The interior had a smoky solution that was put into it, and then it appeared that the air vents blew on it.

The most important tests were the on-road tests. A car can look great on paper at the factory, but there are a lot of different road conditions that a crossover like the Model Y should be able to do well in. The Model Y's durability was tested by making the car ford a puddle. The water in the video was at the 45cm marker. The vehicle was also shown going over a series of speed bumps. Also, the Model Y was put through a series of small round bumps that could serve as a simulation of the car driving on a dirt road.

The biggest takeaway from the video is that the Model Y appears to be a capable crossover. It is the kind of car that can do some light off-roading over some smaller rocks.

Some are concerned about Tesla vehicles built in the U.S

There are a few comments under the video posted on Youtube that say these quality control steps don’t happen in the U.S and that Tesla vehicles made in China are better quality. The only way to find out if there’s validity to those comments is see whether all the same quality control measures that are part of the process in China are also being executed in the U.S.

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