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Telematics Detroit 2012 to address the automobile as the ultimate mobile device

Plan early to attend Telematics Detroit 2012 scheduled for June 6-7, because it’s the largest and most influential business focused conference for the entire telematics ecosystem, with over 1500 executive attendees and over 100 industry pioneer speakers.

As the automobile is fast becoming the ultimate mobile device, telematics is proving to be indispensable for the automotive industry. Problem is, not everyone understands the true value proposition that telematics service bundles play for automakers. Fact is, it is becoming a ‘closing tool’ to secure customers.

That is why the Telematics Detroit 2012, scheduled for June 6-7, is starting to get more and more upfront PR, months ahead of the conference; which explains why this reporter is receiving increasing emails. The promoters want to make sure Telematics Detroit 2012 doesn’t get lost among all the other shows in Detroit, like the Autorama this month, and SAE World Congress coming in April.

Will this year’s conference take the key topics that were discussed at Telematics Detroit 2011 to another level? Based on the conference website, that is the implication.

For one, the Smartphones vs. Embedded Units debate will likely continue. What defines Ultimate Content Integration? Which services are best placed on embedded models and which are best suited to mobile platforms and build hybrid solutions to attract 3rd party developers and keep pace with changing OEM perceptions?

USDOT will surely be there, shedding more might on driver distraction issues. OEMs as well as suppliers will want to get a grip with the latest research results, impending legislations and the impact they will have on telematics services.

One contribution is coming from Electric Vehicles as they are increasingly becoming capable of Making Telematics Truly Relevant. Engineers and product planners alike will be available to Discuss current automaker-utility demos, tech trials and pilot results to evaluate which telematics systems will best provide routing information, nearest charge source etc. to beat consumer ‘range anxiety’ and increase EV adoption.

For the record, this conference is Mutually Beneficial to Auto OEMs, suppliers and Insurers. All will be given the opportunity to see for themselves the power to analyze business models and strategies to share data collected by on-board telematics devices and fast-track insurance pilot schemes and data collection exercises to develop what the industry now refers to as win-win insurance telematics solutions.

Telematics Update awards

Designed to recognize and to reflect the hard work, talent and potential in bringing to fruition real products and real advances in telematics, the awards are also a unique opportunity for the industry to gather, celebrate and highlight the achievements of the past year.The Telematics Update awards categories are as follows:

- Global OEM Infotainment Solutions Award
- Best Telematics Service Provider Award
- Best Telematics Content Aggregator Award
- Best Aftermarket Device or Solutions Award
- Best Telematics Safety and Security Technology Award
- Best Telematics Service or Solutions for Commercial Vehicles Award
- Best Navigation Solution or Product Award
- Best Automotive Application Award
- 2011/12 Industry Newcomer Award
- Telematics Leadership Award

While it may seem early, planners want to be sure Telematics Detroit 2012 gets its due attention.