Moto Mundo Electric World Tour completes around-the-world trip with EV

The world tour which started in Copenhagen June 25, 2010, was completed on May 7, 2011 when Nina Rasmussen and Hjalte Tin returned to Copenhagen and became the first to drive a full-size, production electric car round the world.

According to the news release, the Moto Mundo Electric World Tour encompassed 30,000 kilometers. That’s quite a feat for a 100% Electric vehicle that needed charging at strategic points along the route..

That also makes Nina and Hjalte Tin from Denmark the first to drive an EV around the world.

For the record, the same Danish Minister of Climate and Energy who drove the first kilometers also welcomed Nina and Hjalte back in Copenhagen 10 months later. Nina and Hjalte crossed Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Russia, Mongolia, China, USA, Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Poland and Holland.

Nina and Hjalte are well-known travelers and writers in Denmark with more than 15 books published about their journeys to most parts of the world. Electric cars are something they try for the first time.

Hjalte said, “We do this to promote green mobility. The world needs to make the leap beyond oil. Electric cars will be important everywhere to help stop climate change.”

Nina added, “To be the first to drive an electric car round the world was a great adventure. Everywhere we met people caring for the future of our planet and they were enthusiastic about electric cars. They have heard about them, but not seen one in real life. The curiosity was endless.”

The expedition was surely a real test, as no support car trailed them to take care of problems or carried spare-parts. Finding places to charge the car proved to be a big challenge. Workshops, hotels, camp-grounds and homes all over the world helped the Moto Mundo Electric World Tour with power.

While the expedition encountered extreme heat in Russia and the coldest winter in USA, Nina and Hjalte are now the first to cross the Gobi desert in an electric vehicle. En route they completed the Monte Carlo Rally for electric cars and exhibited the car at the Shanghai 2010 EXPO world exhibition and in Detroit at North American International Auto Show.

After finishing their world tour Nina and Hjalte will continue to use their “Green Car” to promote electric mobility in rallies and on a lecturing tour. They are writing a book and planning a TV-production about the world tour.

About the Vehicle

The team drove a Qashqai Electric from Danish AfutureEV. The 5 seat car has a 60 KW motor from AfutureEV with a 200 km range. Weight 1600 kg, top speed 130 km/h. 40 KW/h lithium-ion batteries from Dow-Kokam, 2 chargers from Brusa, DC-AC inverter from Mes-Dea and BMS from Reap. 90% charging in @ 6 hours at 6KW.

Sponsors included the Danish Ministry of Climate and Energy, Afuture electric vehicles, Continental tires, Thrane&Thrane communication equipment, Inmarsat satellite air-time, Vikingegaarden GPS-tracking, Hummel clothes and GreenPark of Rotterdam.

That makes Nina and Hjalte Tin from Denmark heroes at And to think GM was proud of driving the Chevy Volt to Las Vegas!

Image Credit: Moto Mundo Electric World Tour

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